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Asynchronous Image Loading in Table Cells with Cache

So i’ve recently created an app that used image in the UITableView cells. When i would load the view it would take forever once the button was pressed for the view to be pushed onto the stack. I realised it was due to the images needing to load from my server. So i implemented a […]

WP Ecommerce Scale Image instead of Cropping

Ok i recently had the problem where i wanted to define a max size for the images in my shopping cart. I didn’t want to set a static size for my entire carts images. Eg I wanted it to be max of 300px height or width but not 300px wide and 300px high. So if […]

Creating a catch all sub domain system

Ok recently i needed a catch all system for a website i was creating. All the tutorials i went through needed me to change the httpd.conf file. Pretty hard to do when on shared hosting. But found the solution to it using CPanel functions. Instead of adding * to the httpd.conf file ServerAlias […]

‘Length’ is null or not an object error in FCKEditor

So i’m back after a lengthy absence in posting fixes. No that’s not because i haven’t had any frustrating bugs that i’ve worked long and hard to solve. Simply i’ve been too busy. Came across this problem in IE where it throws a length is null or not an object error. After lengthy google searching […]

file_exists doesn’t work for me

Ok i’ve run across this problem a few times in my programming life, where file_exists always returns false. I don’t think i’ve ever properly fixed it. Generally I make some crappy work around, which ends up causing more harm than good. So here’s a small checklist to solve the problem. Check the file path you […]

FCKEditor shows current website instead of editor area

FCKEditor can sometime display a website in it’s iframe instead of the editor panel. This is especially common when using .htaccess rewrite engine. A friend of mine encountered this issue for a second time, we both always seem to forget the solution, so he suggested I write a blog about it. When using FCKEditor and […]

Firefox Losing Session Variables on Redirect

So I’ve been attempting to deal with an issue on a CMS I made for quite sometime. When People logged into the CMS they would be redirected to the Homepage from the Login page. They would get a first glimpse of the homepage then once they clicked a link they would be redirected back to […]