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Refreshing Map View (MKMapView) for iPhone development

Ok so i just spent a long time searching how to reload a map view. It’s quite simple [map setRegion:map.region animated:TRUE]; The problem i was having was when i was adding annotations i was adding them through a background thread. So if you want to reload a map after adding annotations make sure you are […]

Mac Messenger Signs me out everytime I open hotmail

Hi All I think i’ve solved this issue i’ve been having since i upgraded to Messenger for Mac 8. Everytime I opened Hotmail it was logging me out of my MSN. I figured it had something to do with logging into web messenger. As i had done this once before. What you should do is […]

Messenger won’t sign in on mac

If you can’t seem to sign in to MSN messenger or windows live messenger on the Mac and it keeps saying there is an error or possible network connection. Click Sign in with a different account or change your online status -> Click the Clear Account History Button -> Restart the program -> Sign In […]

could not complete the request because the layer is not a valid text layer – Photoshop error

Hi All I recently had this error message come up whilst trying to open a file that i had created. I was opening it on the same computer. Restarting Photoshop was able to solve the problem. Hopefully this helps. I’ve read in other forums that you can normally open it in another photoshop program on […]