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Content Is Not Allowed In Prolog – Google API

Recently I’ve been having to work with the Google Provisioning and Email Settings API, which¬† I thought would be no big deal.¬† But soon, like a child who’s ice cream has just fallen on the ground, I was in tears and frustrated. The issue wasn’t necessarily the API, or the PHP code that I was […]

Messenger won’t sign in on mac

If you can’t seem to sign in to MSN messenger or windows live messenger on the Mac and it keeps saying there is an error or possible network connection. Click Sign in with a different account or change your online status -> Click the Clear Account History Button -> Restart the program -> Sign In […]

SWFUpload gets stuck at uploading…

Recently I came across a problem while installing SWFUpload on my latest site. I had the problem before but couldn’t remember what the solution was. When I uploaded a file with SWFUpload on my mac (OSX 10.5) it would get stuck at the uploading… status This was cause by my upload_url file not returning any […]

Can’t get image width or height using javascript in IE 7 and 8

Came across this one whilst working with an TinyMCE plugin. I had some additional css on the image i was trying to get the height and width of – display:none; That’s the problem. Just use visibility:hidden; in your CSS and all will be fine in the world. Oh just in case you are using the […]

Forms won’t submit in IE when pressing enter

Hi All I’ve come across this issue yet again. Realised I’d forgotten to post it the first time. Instance 1 – Form has 1 text field, when pressing enter the form doesn’t submit correctly, either won’t submit, or won’t send submit button value through to php. Solution – if ($noOfTextFields == 1) { //fix IE […]

Image Caching – Specifically for Firefox

Ok so it’s Friday and it’s 2:45pm. So close to the weekend and i just spent an hour or so figuring out how to get my image caching to work on my thumbnails. Against all odds i have managed to get firefox to cache images properly – well maybe how i want it is a […]

FireFox Caches Images When It Shouldn’t

I’ve recently come across a small annoyance in the firefox browser. I was creating a website that allows you to modify images so they can be printed. I had a caching issue when users would press back then change a setting and go forward again. A refresh would fix the issue. So FireFox was using […]

FireFox and IE Ignore Hosts File

Thought i’d share this with everyone, I recently ran into some trouble on my machine where my browsers began ignoring my Hosts file. After much annoying testing and what not I eventually found that the reason they were ignoring my hosts file was because it was going through a proxy. I’ve never set a proxy […]

Debugging Solutions – A Framework

Recently i’ve been running into numerous bugs occurring in my code, it mostly stems from the fact I am working with another companies poorly written code, planning on helping them out I decided to accept the job without a proper look at their current code, and database structure. Note To Self – Don’t ever accept […]

Forms submitting twice in Firefox

Recently I uncovered an extremely annoying and difficult to find bug in a website I’ve been modifying a client. There are two things I dislike, the first being debugging code where there exists some obscure error, the second and the one I dislike the most is debugging someone else’s code where there exists some obscure […]