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Asynchronous Image Loading in Table Cells with Cache

So i’ve recently created an app that used image in the UITableView cells. When i would load the view it would take forever once the button was pressed for the view to be pushed onto the stack. I realised it was due to the images needing to load from my server. So i implemented a […]

Refreshing Map View (MKMapView) for iPhone development

Ok so i just spent a long time searching how to reload a map view. It’s quite simple [map setRegion:map.region animated:TRUE]; The problem i was having was when i was adding annotations i was adding them through a background thread. So if you want to reload a map after adding annotations make sure you are […]

Content Is Not Allowed In Prolog – Google API

Recently I’ve been having to work with the Google Provisioning and Email Settings API, which¬† I thought would be no big deal.¬† But soon, like a child who’s ice cream has just fallen on the ground, I was in tears and frustrated. The issue wasn’t necessarily the API, or the PHP code that I was […]