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WP Ecommerce Scale Image instead of Cropping

Ok i recently had the problem where i wanted to define a max size for the images in my shopping cart. I didn’t want to set a static size for my entire carts images. Eg I wanted it to be max of 300px height or width but not 300px wide and 300px high. So if […]

Creating a catch all sub domain system

Ok recently i needed a catch all system for a website i was creating. All the tutorials i went through needed me to change the httpd.conf file. Pretty hard to do when on shared hosting. But found the solution to it using CPanel functions. Instead of adding * to the httpd.conf file ServerAlias […]

could not complete the request because the layer is not a valid text layer – Photoshop error

Hi All I recently had this error message come up whilst trying to open a file that i had created. I was opening it on the same computer. Restarting Photoshop was able to solve the problem. Hopefully this helps. I’ve read in other forums that you can normally open it in another photoshop program on […]