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Forms won’t submit in IE when pressing enter

Hi All I’ve come across this issue yet again. Realised I’d forgotten to post it the first time. Instance 1 – Form has 1 text field, when pressing enter the form doesn’t submit correctly, either won’t submit, or won’t send submit button value through to php. Solution – if ($noOfTextFields == 1) { //fix IE […]

Image Caching – Specifically for Firefox

Ok so it’s Friday and it’s 2:45pm. So close to the weekend and i just spent an hour or so figuring out how to get my image caching to work on my thumbnails. Against all odds i have managed to get firefox to cache images properly – well maybe how i want it is a […]

‘Length’ is null or not an object error in FCKEditor

So i’m back after a lengthy absence in posting fixes. No that’s not because i haven’t had any frustrating bugs that i’ve worked long and hard to solve. Simply i’ve been too busy. Came across this problem in IE where it throws a length is null or not an object error. After lengthy google searching […]