FCKEditor shows current website instead of editor area

FCKEditor can sometime display a website in it’s iframe instead of the editor panel. This is especially common when using .htaccess rewrite engine.

A friend of mine encountered this issue for a second time, we both always seem to forget the solution, so he suggested I write a blog about it.

When using FCKEditor and our cms we use htaccess redirects, but because they cascade through the sub folders FCKEditor also follows these Redirects.

To make FCKEditor work properly simple add…

RewriteEngine off

…to the .htaccess file in the editor directory.  This will keep FCKEditor using it default settings and not trying to use your parent folder redirects.


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One Response to “FCKEditor shows current website instead of editor area”

  1. Mike says:

    I encountered the same problem this morning, didn’t knew what to do. Even updated FCK 2 times!
    Can’t wait to try this solution monday :) Hope it works for me.

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