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FireFox Caches Images When It Shouldn’t

I’ve recently come across a small annoyance in the firefox browser. I was creating a website that allows you to modify images so they can be printed. I had a caching issue when users would press back then change a setting and go forward again. A refresh would fix the issue. So FireFox was using […]

FireFox and IE Ignore Hosts File

Thought i’d share this with everyone, I recently ran into some trouble on my machine where my browsers began ignoring my Hosts file. After much annoying testing and what not I eventually found that the reason they were ignoring my hosts file was because it was going through a proxy. I’ve never set a proxy […]

Debugging Solutions – A Framework

Recently i’ve been running into numerous bugs occurring in my code, it mostly stems from the fact I am working with another companies poorly written code, planning on helping them out I decided to accept the job without a proper look at their current code, and database structure. Note To Self – Don’t ever accept […]

Forms submitting twice in Firefox

Recently I uncovered an extremely annoying and difficult to find bug in a website I’ve been modifying a client. There are two things I dislike, the first being debugging code where there exists some obscure error, the second and the one I dislike the most is debugging someone else’s code where there exists some obscure […]