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4 Tips for Working from Home Successfully

Started your own home business? Telecommuting for the first time? Here are a few tips to help you maximize your time and more importantly your efficiency. Tip 1 Work area – Your work area is your first port of call when attempting to change your work habits for the better. This area needs to be […]

PHP Redirect Code – with javascript

Ever needed a redirect function that would know when to use javascript of php. Well the wait is over *crowd goes wild*…. sorry here it is To use the function simply call it like so: <?php $variables = array(‘firstvar’ => $firstVar, ‘secondvar’ => “hello world”); REDIRECT(“newPage.php?currentVar=123″, $variables); ?> and here it is again if you […]

$_FILES Array and its Confusing Structure

Have you ever noticed that the $_FILES array has an extremely odd structure that isn’t the usual type of array. The script i wrote helps to put it in an order so you can simply step through each one without having to write any sort of confusing loop. It’s implementation can be seen below: // […]